Real MBSE Book Now Available!

Dr. Steven Dam‘s latest book, “Real MBSE: Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) using LML and Innoslate®”  is available now on Amazon. See description below.

Want to learn how to perform 21st Century systems engineering faster, better, and cheaper? The answer is with Model-Based Systems Engineering using the Lifecycle Modeling Language and the software, Innoslate. This book will show you how to optimize varying parameters and disciplines throughout the lifecycle of the system within cost and schedule constraints without compromising performance. Real MBSE enables the execution of many activities in parallel, thus enabling the “faster and cheaper” part. Many people can contribute to the design and development at the same time, because the information they create can be easily linked together to form abstractions that enable you to communicate the results at all levels.

The author uses a methodology that includes the technique, processes, and tools. This methodology isn’t the only way to have a successful MBSE capability, but all three elements must be incorporated in any methodology you use. We offer this methodology as one that has proven successful over the past decade. It is based on methodologies used since the 1960s, but updated to the modern cloud computing, artificial intelligence age now emerging toward the end of the second decade of the 21st Century.Often people today work in a similar manner to how their grandparents worked in the 1960s, just with electronic tools instead of paper and pencil. Just creating a “model” doesn’t mean you are doing effective MBSE. This book will show you how to take MBSE into the 21st century.

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The Real MBSE Lab Manual will be available soon.