SPEC Innovations Releases Innoslate 4.7

Manassas, VA; 2-06-2023: SPEC Innovations is proud to announce the release of Innoslate v4.7. This release follows its prior release of 4.6 in May 2022. Innoslate 4.7 focuses on user experience and enhancements. This release features updates such as

SysML 1.6 Compliance

Developers have been working hard to keep up with the continuous SysML updates. Innoslate’s SysML diagrams now have a customizable frame. The SysML Activity Diagrams have swim lanes, guards, and blocked I/O. Innoslate’s Internal Block Diagram, State Machine Diagram, and Package Diagram are now all nestable per SysML 1.6 standards.

New Compilation View

Users can now create documents from any class, i.e. Action, Cost, Asset, etc. Compilation View gives users more flexibility to create documentation from the data.

Change Requests

Innoslate now has Change Requests, allowing the user to suggest a change to the system. The Change Requests are similar to Track Changes in Word, where the original content is crossed out and the suggestion is shown in its place. These requests can then be accepted or declined.

GitHub Traceability

Users can now create requirements and maintain traceability in GitHub.

Countdown Clock

The Project Management View now has a Countdown Clock Widget. This allows the user to see the amount of time before a deadline, presentation, or any other event/date you are working toward.

Infinite Scrolling in Test Center and Documents View

Innoslate’s Test Center and Documents View now have the capability of infinite scrolling. Content now continuously loads as the user scrolls down the page.

President of SPEC Innovations, Steve Dam, said, “It is our mission to continue to make advances with our Innoslate to meet the needs of our customers. We are pleased to announce the release of 4.7 and continue to lead and grow in the world of MBSE technology.”

About SPEC Innovations: SPEC Innovations is a women-owned small business that has provided innovative solutions since 1993 to highly critical government and commercial programs. Our people are experts at developing complex systems for the aerospace, defense, and intelligence industries. To learn more, visit specinnovations.com.

About Innoslate: SPEC Innovations’ flagship software, Innoslate, supports the entire system or product lifecycle. With Innoslate you can perform requirements management, modeling and simulation, and verification and validation, in one tool. Teams can manage documents, analyze requirements, develop models, and collaborate in real-time. Create a free account at http://www.innoslate.com/signup/.