Our Approach

We began by developing a seamless product, Innoslate, that spans all aspects of systems engineering and program management. We call that “horizontal integration.” This approach has provided a domain-independent way to optimize cost, schedule, and performance while mitigating risk throughout the product lifecycle for system of systems.

Our next step in digital engineering provides interoperability from the systems engineering domain to the design engineering domains throughout the lifecycle. We call this vertical integration.

How We’ve Applied Digital Engineering

Lifecycle Modeling Language

We have begun to achieve this vision by implementing support for the Lifecycle Modeling Language (LML), which provides an ontology and key diagrams for modeling all systems and programs throughout the lifecycle. Innoslate now has a built-in CAD viewer to visualize and use the results of CAD drawings in the system design.

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Innoslate’s Java and REST APIs will enable seamless interoperability with other tools. As we apply LML and enhance its ontology for the design engineering domains, we will use Innoslate’s API, along with the APIs from other tools, to pass the necessary information between the tools in real-time or asynchronously. This capability will enable appropriate analysis by experts at all levels, thus ensuring that the models we create reflect reality and provide predictive analytics.

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Our team of experts have used Innoslate to perform digital engineering in a broad set of industries.

Performed systems engineering on many of the advanced concepts in DoD over the past 25 years.

Providing leading edge support to the “new space” community through application of our Innoslate® tool.

Provided predictive analysis to many of the United States intelligence agencies.

Investigating the Intelligence Transportation System for over 20 years along with other automated vehicle development.

The Innoslate Approach to Digital Engineering

The model-based systems engineering software, Innoslate, takes a unique approach to digital engineering.
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