Digital Engineering

Our solutions improve the implementation of digital engineering and a true Authoritative Source of Truth.

Developing a Digital Thread

Our Approach

We take a unique approach to digital engineering by applying horizontal integration and vertical integration to our process.

Horizontal Integration 

The integration of systems engineering and program management. This approach has provided a domain-independent way to optimize cost, schedule, and performance while mitigating risk throughout the product lifecycle for the systems of systems.

Vertical Integration

Our next step in digital engineering provides interoperability from the systems engineering domain to the design engineering domains throughout the lifecycle. 

Digital Twin Illustration


Horizontal Integration

Vertical Integration

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Product Lifecycle Management

Cradle to Grave

We take a lifecycle approach to everything we do. In the PLM stage, we manage a product from cradle to grave. Innoslate covers all areas in the product lifecycle and makes reuse simple.



Agile + DevOPs

Innoslate can be integrated with code deployment tools such as GitHub to deliver a complete DevSecOps solution. Innoslate offers built-in integration with GitHub and can integrate with other tools using APIs.


Innoslate Digital Engineering



NASA's Break the Ice Lunar Challenge

NASA's Break the Ice Challenge

Our team of systems engineers developed a lunar rover that can break the ice using a digital engineering approach. Using Innoslate as the single source of truth and integrating tools like SpaceClaim, STK, Matlab and GitHub, they built a lunar rover capable of extracting 10,000 kg from regolith in 365 days.