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Free MBSE software for educators and students.

Innoslate Academia 

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Innoslate Is a Full Lifecycle Solution

Innoslate Academia includes all the functions in Innoslate including system modeling, simulation, test and evaluation, requirements management, and more.


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System Modeling

Compliant with SysML, LML, DoDAF and over 25 diagram types.



Execute models for cost, time, resources, assets, variance etc. 

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Test and Evaluate

Test Center allows you to keep track of all your test cycles and test suites.


Requirements Management

Develop, manage, and analyze all your requirements in digital documents.


Professors and Students Use Innoslate Academia Worldwide

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User Success: Dr. Randal Allen, UCF Engineering Professor

Dr. Randal Allen has decades of experience in Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE), 6DOF Modeling & Simulation (M&S),...

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User Success: Joe Parker, CEO of iN2STEM

Happy Black History Month! We wanted to celebrate by highlighting a black leader who is part of the future of STEM and...

Resources for Beginners to Experts

We provide educators with resources to ensure success in the classroom. Help Center provides you with hundreds of pages detailing how to use Innoslate. The Resources page provides you with textbooks, methodology, whitepapers, video tutorials, and more. Talk to us if you want to get your class started using Innoslate.

Help Center  Resources

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K-12 Resources

Introducing K-12 to STEM is important. We help students by introducing them to age-appropriate projects and showing them the basics of modeling and requirements gathering. Check out the Systems Engineering for Kids book and the video tutorial.

Download SE for Kids Ebook

Innoslate Academia

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