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Built-In Program Management Tool

Effortlessly Manage Your Team and Projects

Create tasks, manage schedules, and develop Gantt Charts, Kanban Boards, and WBS without leaving Innoslate.
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All the Tools You Need to Keep Your Team on Track.

Gantt Charts

Elevate your project planning and scheduling with Innoslate's Gantt Charts. Gain a deeper comprehension of task relationships and timing, empowering you to effectively manage your projects. Unlock the potential of setting up tasks and reminders seamlessly within a Gantt chart for ultimate organization and efficiency.

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Stay on top of your project and keep your team organized with the Calendar widget from Innoslate. Get a clear view of all upcoming dates and tasks right from the Project Management Dashboard, and never miss a deadline again. Plus, receive convenient email notifications to keep you informed and efficient.

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Kanban Boards

Embrace the agile way of managing your project and team with the power of Kanban Boards. With Kanban Boards, you have the freedom to create dedicated columns for every stage of your process and effortlessly glide tasks through the workflow with a simple drag-and-drop. Not only that, but you'll also have the convenience of adding tasks with handy email reminders.

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Work Breakdown Structures

By integrating the best practices of Project Management and Systems Engineering, you can effortlessly structure your team into organized sections. Generate tasks and seamlessly move existing tasks into the WBS diagrams. Additionally, you have the ability to assign tasks and receive email reminders for streamlined collaboration.

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Workflow and Tasking

Planning and keeping track of a team project can take hours each week, if you’re not using [software name] to do it for you. The software makes it incredibly easy to create tasks, organize your workflow, and stay on top of what your whole team is working on each day.

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Innoslate Is a Full Lifecycle Solution

Manage all aspects of the lifecycle in one place and make keeping an authoritative source of truth that much easier. Learn about all the included solutions in Innoslate.

System Modeling

Compliant with SysML, LML, DoDAF and over 25 diagram types.


Execute models for cost, time, resources, assets, variance etc. 

Test and Evaluate

Test Center allows you to keep track of all your test cycles and test suites.


Develop, manage, and analyze all your requirements in digital documents.

Find Out How Innoslate Can Improve Your Projects

Innoslate is a full lifecycle solution designed to help you manage each phase of a product, system, or mission lifecycle. 

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Your Guide to Win Federal Contracts

This guide explores federal contracts through the whole lifecycle, from the beginning of the proposal process to closing out the contract. Ensure your proposals &  contracts are not just fulfilled, but that you go above and beyond!


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