SPEC Innovations Showcases Innoslate at West 2023

SPEC Innovations recently participated in the West 2023 conference in San Diego, California, which centered around the theme of “Readiness, Capability, and Capacity: How to Do the Sea Services Match Up Against the Future Threat?” The conference was held February 14-16 and featured prominent industry leaders who shared their insights on current and future capabilities.

The keynote speakers included General Eric M. Smith, Assistant Commandant of the USMC; Samuel J. Paparo, Commander of the US Pacific Fleet; Andrew J. Tiongson, Commander of the Pacific Area and Coast Guard Defense Force West; Kelly Aeschbach, Commander of the Naval Information Forces; Carlos Del Toro, Secretary of the Navy; and Michael M. Gilday, Chief of Naval Operations.

As a proud participant, SPEC Innovations demonstrated the Navy’s use of its software platform, Innoslate. Innoslate is a comprehensive software platform that enables users to capture the entire project lifecycle through project management, requirement management, project traceability, risk diagrams, modeling & simulation, and documentation.

The Navy has been utilizing Innoslate in a variety of ways to improve project management and efficiency. Innoslate facilitates project planning, monitoring, and team collaboration, enabling the establishment of deadlines and task assignments. The platform generates Gantt charts that provide a visual representation of project timelines and dependencies. The Navy also uses Innoslate to capture, monitor, and manage project requirements, ensuring their proper documentation, analysis, and linkage to other project elements such as test cases, design components, and risks. Furthermore, the Navy leverages Innoslate’s traceability features to monitor requirements and other project components throughout the project lifecycle, ensuring the effective management of changes.

Given the complex and high-stakes nature of Navy projects, Innoslate’s risk diagram feature is particularly critical. The Navy utilizes this functionality to create and evaluate risk diagrams, which identify potential risks, assess their likelihood and impact, and develop mitigation strategies to minimize risks. Innoslate’s modeling and simulation capabilities enable the Navy to build and test various scenarios and options, ensuring project optimization for the desired outcomes and identifying potential problems before they escalate. Lastly, Innoslate’s documentation capabilities allow the Navy to generate reports, create user manuals, and document project decisions and outcomes, ensuring thorough records for future reference.

Innoslate’s features enable the Navy to enhance project efficiency, reduce risk, and ensure successful project completion. We had a great time networking and showcasing Innoslate at West 2023, and proud to be a part of the Navy’s leading-edge technology.