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2023 Summer Intern Special Webinar

2023 Summer Intern Special Webinar

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By Dominic Galarza, Amir Abrari, Chris Howard, and Carlos Urbina

Christmas Special Project: Santa is a Systems Engineer

The Christmas special project brought a touch of festive joy to our work. Conceptualized by the marketing team, Dominic, Amir, and Chris’ goal was to promote Innoslate to a broad audience in a fun and understandable manner. This task involved envisioning how Santa could leverage Innoslate for his North Pole duties during Christmas.

Learn more about our special, “Santa is a Systems Engineer” project.

Moon to Mars Project: Unveiling NASA's Ambitious Plan

One of the highlights of Dominic’s summer was delving into NASA's Moon to Mars project. Tasked with analyzing the architecture outlined by NASA for re-establishing human presence on the moon and paving the way for Mars exploration, he translated complex ideas into Interstate diagrams and documents. The result was a unique dashboard, a visual narrative showcasing our tool's ability to assist in executing NASA's ambitious plans. As a space enthusiast, this project resonated with him, and he eagerly anticipates the future strides NASA will make.

Learn more about the NASA Moon to Mars project.

Innoslate Updates: Enhancing Features and User Experience

Dominic also played a crucial role in updating Innoslate's features. Designing and writing requirements for new additions, including the computable attribute field and a first-step guide for new users, kept him busy. He also ensured that our requirement quality checker aligned with the international standards set by the Council of Systems Engineers (COSI).

Help Center Revamp: Empowering Users

Amir’s individual summer task involved revamping the Help Center, a crucial resource for Innoslate users. He restructured the platform to enhance usability, satisfaction, and documentation. Organizing articles, creating tutorial videos, and implementing seamless navigation were part of his efforts. The revamped Help Center now serves as a comprehensive guide for users, offering quick access to valuable information.

Check out our Help Center for more information on Innoslate.

Cameo Translation Research: Fostering Compatibility

In response to the growing user base from Cameo, Amir conducted research to ensure compatibility between Cameo software and Innoslate. This involved conceptualizing advancements to facilitate seamless collaboration between the two platforms, especially in system engineering processes.

Cybersecurity Implementation: Ensuring Compliance

Chris’ primary focus was on researching and implementing cybersecurity standards using the Innoslate requirements document. Delving into standards like CMMC, FedRAMP, and NIST, I acquired insights into the meticulous requirements that organizations must meet for compliance.

Learn more through our webinar, “Cybersecurity Engineering Using Innoslate.”

Testing Framework Exploration: Innovating with Playwright

Chris also had the opportunity to explore new frameworks in the realm of testing. Conducting research on Playwright, a JavaScript framework, opened new possibilities for enhancing our testing suite. Experimenting with Playwright's modern extensions and plugins showcased its potential to streamline our testing efforts.

Automated Testing Suite: Ensuring Quality

Carlos’ primary responsibility involved managing and enhancing Innoslate's automated testing suite. Using Selenium in Java, he wrote and optimized numerous test cases, ensuring the robustness and reliability of Innoslate's features. Over the summer, he tackled 49 individual issues, contributing to the continuous improvement of our testing practices.

Playwright Framework Exploration: Embracing Innovation

In addition to Carlos’ work on Selenium, he delved into the Playwright framework, a JavaScript-based testing tool. The exploration of Playwright opened new avenues for modernizing and simplifying our testing efforts. He transformed older test sections into Playwright tests, comparing their syntax and performance.

Agile Development: Navigating Sprint Cycles

This summer introduced Carlos to Agile development and Sprint Cycles, providing insights into the iterative and collaborative nature of software engineering. Collaborating closely with the software department, he ensured that our testing suite remained up-to-date and seamlessly integrated into the development process.

In conclusion, the summer internship at SPEC Innovations has been a journey of growth, collaboration, and innovation. They have all contributed to projects that not only showcase the capabilities of Innoslate, but also address real-world challenges in diverse domains. 

As we look forward to the future, we are excited about the continued evolution of our internship program and the impact they will have on the world of engineering and beyond!

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